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The Crick Crack Club presents Fairytales for Grown-ups: Dark Tales from the Wood

This event contains digital content (live streaming or video on demand)

A princess awakes to find a pair of horns protruding from her forehead…

A young woman follows a trail of blood in to a forest...

A thief makes a deadly pact….. 

Bizarre, dreamlike and chilling, these red-blooded folktales were told 100 years ago under the stars and by the light of the moon in rural Wales. Daniel Morden has painstakingly reassembled them and performs them with passion and gusto.  

No stranger to Crick -Crack Club audiences, Daniel is one of the UK’s most popular storytellers. He has the timing of a comedian and the insight of a poet. 

105 minutes (including interval)

storytelling performance fairytales


Suitable for adults 14+
Content warning: This performance contains descriptions of death, murder and mutilation, contextualised within a paradigm of mythic narrative, archetype and metaphor.